No goals

Most companies have yearly, quarterly, monthly or even weekly goals. Those goals are usually sales targets, number of views, conversion rates and so.

At Yeti Foods, we don’t have goals. Not having goals doesn’t mean we’re a bunch of lazy bastards. It simply means that we focus on making the best cheese we can with the resources we currently have. We don’t need to set artificial constraints and force ourselves to reach arbitrary goals. That only leads to bad decisions and takes the fun out of everything.

The thing is, we can afford to not have goals. We can afford it because we don’t have any outside investors and don’t owe explanations to anyone but ourselves. As soon as you have investors in your company you need to set goals, report on them and justify everything you do. And pretty soon it’ll all turn too serious and all you think about are your goals.

I guess my broader point is, that we try to take life not too seriously. Our work is an important part of our life, so that too, shouldn’t be too serious.