Hey hey! My name is Can Olcer. I’m currently working on two open-source projects: Fugu, a privacy-friendly product analytics software, and Mapzy, a store locator.

Previously I created a school that exists only in VR (didn’t work out), a plant-based cheese company (didn’t work out either) and co-founded a company called Chimpy (worked out).

I was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland and currently live in Berlin, Germany.

You can contact me here: canolcer@hey.com

This site uses web monetization. Not because I would make a lot of money, but because I want that this way of paying publishers becomes more commonplace. The idea is that users pay a fixed monthly fee to a service provider like Coil which uses the open protocol Interledger. The money then gets distributed to publishers based on how much time the user spent on Interledger supported websites.

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