1. Empires rise and Empires fall
  2. ChatGPT-4o - OpenAI's ickiest product yet
  3. Adding the Ace code editor with Importmap to Rails 7
  4. Separation of Power for programming tools and deployment infrastructure
  5. From Sublime to VS Code and back
  6. Can you make up for the bad by doing good?


  1. Consumerism and Holier-Than-Thou companies
  2. EU is a counter-weight for tech regulation
  3. Carbon Tunnel Vision


  1. Steps Lead to More Steps
  2. Twitter should switch to an open protocol
  3. How to deploy your Jekyll site on Scalingo
  4. We need more nuance
  5. Carl Sagan on climate change in 1990
  6. Hybrid work is not remote work
  7. A better CSV import
  8. In product analytics, apply the Pareto principle
  9. Vitalik Buterin can't solve societal problems with blockchain
  10. Fellow software developers: Stop building on blockchain tech
  11. Start paying for internet stuff
  12. Fugu now has conversion funnels


  1. Active Record Callbacks shouldn't modify other records
  2. Fugu: Select date range
  3. Mapzy, an open-source and simple store locator
  4. Cryptos can't fix societal, political or economic problems
  5. The metaverse is already here, it's called the internet
  6. Rails: Prevent users from logging out after each deployment
  7. Hello, Fugu
  8. Fugu is now prettier
  9. Fugu: Property Breakdown
  10. Fugu: First look
  11. Don't be obsessed with your customers
  12. Setting up Rubocop correctly with Gitpod and VSCode Ruby
  13. Simple, open source, self-hostable and privacy-friendly
  14. Jekyll and Tailwind: How to speed up build time
  15. The Venture Capital Paradox?
  16. No goals
  17. Berlin
  18. Tech investors don't care about climate change
  19. Social media need to be decentralized and open by law


  1. On failure
  2. Thoughts on Oculus' strategy
  3. Education starts with a spark
  4. Prediction: Oculus Connect 7 will take place in Facebook Horizon
  5. Oculus' foray into AR
  6. How does a VR headset work? The Basics
  7. Fitness is a great use case for VR


  1. Facebook, for the sake of VR, get your shit together
  2. Oculus Quest Hand Tracking is a big deal
  3. What would TikTok in VR look like?
  4. AR and VR are two sides of the same coin
  5. De-Googling
  6. Homeschooling: There's a hard upper market size limit
  7. Most startup theory is ex-post, therefore bs
  8. VPN on Oculus Go and Quest
  9. We moved to Turkey from San Francisco to continue working on our startup
  10. Automate production settings for Oculus Go store (Unity)
  11. The Next Killer Use Cases for VR
  12. The Man in the Arena
  13. The Potential Economic Value of a Computing Platform
  14. On the lack of innovation in phone hardware