From Sublime to VS Code and back

I’ve been using Sublime Text for most of my coding, until a few years ago when I decided try out Gitpod, a cloud development environment. The nice thing about Gitpod is that once you’ve set up your config file, anybody in your team can spin up a development environment with one click, without any of the dependency hell that occurs when you usually onboard new developers.

Unfortunately, Gitpod only supports VS Code (and JetBrains), so I started using VS Code. It was fine, but I missed Sublime’s simplicity. VS Code has a shit ton of features I never used, and frankly, didn’t even know what they were for. All they did was make the UI more complex and distracting.

After a few months, I stopped using cloud development and went back to developing locally. It just felt better. Cloud development felt overengineered for a small team. However, I stuck with VS Code – out of habit, I guess. Last week, Sublime came to my mind again and I installed it.

I’m now writing this post, in awe at Sublime’s simplicity.