Fugu now has conversion funnels

Conversion funnels are a frequently used tool to see how users move through a defined flow. It helps you to understand where your users drop off, so that you can take action and improve that specific step of your flow.

For example, you would want to see where your users drop off from signing up to your service through becoming a paying customer.

You can do that now in Fugu, and creating a new funnel is super simple:

Of course, Fugu’s main focus is still protecting your user’s privacy and that’s why it doesn’t track unique users. Therefore, it’s possible that a specific user didn’t move through all the steps shown in your funnel, but somehow skipped them or refreshed a page (if that’s how you track an event), which would cause an additional event at that step. This shouldn’t really matter as soon as you have more than a few dozen data points, since it should smooth it out and small “errors” won’t skew your funnels.

Certainly, it’s worth the huge gain in privacy that Fugu achieves by not tracking unique users.

If you haven’t tried Fugu before, head over to fugu.lol and sign up for an account - it’s free to get started. Or, check out the GitHub repo and host it yourself, for free.