What would TikTok in VR look like?

Intrigued by the quick growth of TikTok, I’ve been wondering what kind of social apps could exist in VR that millions of teenagers would use. I want to share a couple of ideas.

The first one is a VR movie making app. It could work like this: You meet up online in VR with your friends, everyone on their Quest. The place you meet is something like a movie set. You have available different environments, with different backgrounds, extras, special video effects, sound effects and what not. Everyone went through the script you wrote beforehand, but it’s still available in VR to take a peek if necessary.

You are not only the producers and directors, you’re also the actors of this film you’re about to make.

Once you’ve placed the cameras (static, with pre-programmed movement or one of your friends is holding it), you start shooting your scene. Special effects like explosions don’t need to be added in post-production, they happen right there triggered by props like guns or dragons which you chose from a library.

You can create an outerspace war movie, a romantic comedy in Manhattan or Avatar on steroids. All you need is a VR headset (plus this hypothetical app).

As a side note, they shot the new Lion King in VR. Kind of.

The second idea is closer to how TikTok works today. In principle, I can imagine a “performing” app taking off in VR. In fact, I predict that we will see famous stars that will exist entirely in VR.

In this app, you create your avatar and perform. Either live in front of people, or you record your performance and share it with your fans. The performance can be many things. Singing, playing an instrument (that you have available in VR), karaoke, dancing, drawing, scultpuring, pantomime or stand-up comedy. You can do it alone or together with your band or crew. Also, you can choose to charge a ticket fee for your live performances to make some money.

These are just some thought experiments. The future is hard to predict. Who would have known 10 years ago that something like TikTok would be a huge hit?

What is clear to me is that VR will enable more social interactions than ever before.

Let me know what you think and join the discussion in this Twitter thread.